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Fox Computer Solutions Inc. has been providing quality computers and IT Networking in Orlando as well as all the surrounding cities. It is our mission to deliver better services and better results than a Informational Technology department can offer, at a fraction of the cost. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to visit our clients everyday and to set up their hardware at no charge. We will not even charge you for any additional hardware you might need to add to your company’s future.

Our Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

We will build your Computer Network onsite or on the cloud using services like Microsoft Azure. We will provide a complete free estimate of all the computer hardware you will need to start administrating your network before any contract is signed.

Fox Computer Solutions Inc. will invest time up-front and build you a customized computer network from scratch; with no labor cost to you no matter how big or small your network is, or how long it takes to build. A typical network includes: file servers, workstations (computers), routers, switches, printers, plotters, laptop computers, tablets, ipads and wireless networks.

We will build all your computers and provide all network hardware to you at wholesale cost. No up-charge, on any materials. The invoices are sent directly to you from each wholesaler. We expect the expenses to be half the cost of any pre-built computer on the market today.

We are physically or virtually onsite every morning checking and rechecking your entire network before you get to work.

We provide customize Daily Reports showing pending and / or new events to you everyday.

We have unlimited physical onsite service to your location, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We also have unlimited phone support.

We guarantee your computer network will not fail, shut down or loose connection during working hours.

We make our money from keeping your entire network operating smoothly; therefore, if it goes down we lose money and you don’t.

We backup all your data onsite as well as offsite like Veeam Backup and Recovery Services and guarantee we can restore any of your data on the fly 24 hours a day – 7 days a week .

We charge your company a low monthly fee and have you sign a one-year contract. If you sign up for an additional year, we will lower your monthly fee by an additional 10% for every year added to your contract up to three years. You may void your contract at any time if any of these above guarantees do not meet to your satisfaction.

Our Pricing

Size of your business - How many employees do you have?

Expertise - Level of devices needed at your business, such as On-Premise Servers, Physical Desktops, Virtual Desktops in-house or on the Cloud and/or Integrated Accounting Databases with the Cloud platforms such as AutoDesk ACC Connect.

Bandwidth - Do you have a dedicated connection to the Cloud or a VPN connected to the Cloud.

Time constraints - Do you have a project that needs to be completed by a certain date?

Resources available - Do you need onsite services and/or remote support services?

None Contracted"
hourly rate is
$ an Hour

Contracted hourly rate" with a 12 month
Contract is only $ an hour or $ an
hour for a 24 month contract./p>

Our recommended pricing model is to be on a "Monthly Pricing Plan" based on the number of employees you may have as well as willingness to Migrate to the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a hybrid and/or on the Microsoft Azure Cloud completely. This plan was created to save a small business a lot of money by performing scheduled updates, security checks and continuous backup protection using services like Veeam from VMWare and to acquire HIPPA Compliant Certifications on your network. When your business is always safe and running smooth we both make money. Having host-level isolation on Microsoft Azure helps address compliance requirements. As a monthly pricing plan we are able to provision the Microsoft Azure to gain visibility into (and control over) the servers, network infrastructure, and continuously determine the host’s maintenance and security policies. Our recommended pricing model is $ per employee per month, contracted for 12 months on unlimited devices, such as laptops, phones, i-pads etc. This includes all devices in-house and on the cloud such as Routers, Switches, Servers and Cloud accounts such as Microsoft Azure, Citrix Cloud and AutoDesk Construction Cloud & Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage our clients to have a computer savvy employee to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. handles most critical computer support and reports directly to this employee.
Under your Location icon at the bottom of the screen you can say Central Florida, but also say we support clients outside Florida for our Clients that are or want to move to the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a hybrid and or as a fully cloud managed company.

To avoid a traditional break/fix computer problem, which leads to more downtime, increased total costs, and problems that could have been avoided from the beginning with proper maintenance. A managed services agreement is proactive maintenance program that Fox Computer Solutions, Inc will actively monitor and manage your computer infrastructure to avoid preventable issues. Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. charges you a monthly fee, which prevents your computer network breaking down. When your computers run smoothly, we make money and so do you! A win-win for the both of us, you the client and Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. the Manage Service Provider.

Fox Computer Solutions Inc. will provide these services for your company:
  • Remote Desktop Support through
  • On-site physical computer support for new hardware installs.
  • Continuous Disaster Recovery services like VM-Ware Veeam
  • Onsite or remote training on all your software.
  • Continuous management of your computer network on-site and on the cloud.
  • Installations and maintenance of all devices such as cell phones, laptop computer, desktop computers and i-pads, ect:
  • Training for your new and existing employees for your computer infrastructure and policies.
  • Remote monitoring of all your servers, switches, routers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices.

A Managed Service Provider is a computer consulting firm that provides partially or fully outsourced Information Technology support and management of your computer infrastructure as a service.

Types of Businesses

Any business that has between 5 to 50 employees. Including but not limiting all small or medium size business,s such as

  • Construction Subcontractors
  • Construction General contractors
  • Doctor Offices
  • Property Management Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real-Estate offices
  • Book Keeping
  • Retail Stores


While serving as CFO for a Construction Subcontractor, I relied on Fox Computer Solutions for all of our IT needs, including hardware, software, and connections. In addition to his regularly scheduled visits, Robert Fox was always available for emergencies in a reasonable amount of time. Our Construction Subcontract business was better off because of his service.

Tim Pipkorn

My name is Theresa Sutherland and I was the founder and President of Sutherland Management, Inc., a Community Association Management Company stationed in the Central Florida area, for over twenty (20) years and was fortunate enough to have had Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. as a business partner. From the beginning, I knew that Robert Fox was a valued business partner as he became an extension of my in-house team. Fox Computer Solutions went well beyond just providing computer services but became a reliable, caring, experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner who always went beyond the call of duty to assist! Over the many years of service, Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. gave me the peace of mind to never worry about technology, allowing me to focus on the business at hand, community association management. Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. gave my company top-of-the-line service since the early 2000’s, always keeping us ahead of new technology while keeping a close friendly relationship with my team and their computer needs. The regular onsite visits and the ease at which we could obtain answers for all our computer needs was, at first, surprising but we grew to know it was simply because Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. cared and valued our relationship by treating my firm as their own. Robert was always immediately available, responding to telephone, email and text. We were also fortunate to trust Fox Computer Solutions to tie into our system remotely for instantaneous assistance. Robert and Fox Computer Solutions, Inc. was an asset to my company and someone I would highly recommend for yours! Theresa Sutherland


Weller Pools offers construction, consulting, budgeting, and design services, backed up by our decades of experience. We excel in design analysis and the “value engineering” process when necessary for budgetary purposes.. Being founded in 1974 there was quite a bit of the company establish without technology, but by the earley 2000’s it was time to step into computers and software. Fox Computer Solutions Inc. is an outstanding consulting firm here in Central Florida who has brought us to the Cloud using AutoDesk Construction Cloud with AutoDesk ACC-Connect, Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Perry Walker, Weller Pools, LLC

    Central Florida, but also say we support clients outside Florida for our clients that are or want to move to the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a hybrid and or as a fully cloud managed company.