Stuck in Airplane Mode

After Hey Microsoft’s anniversary Windows 10 update my Dell Inspiron got stuck in Airplane Mode.

I found a simple solution! Something than will take you 1 minute to fix took me 17 Hours! I even reinstalled windows 10 twice and installed All Dell drivers after.

I then googled solutions and Toshiba came up. I was desperate so I read the solution. It said to enable Wifi in the BIOS. Well no such Dell settings for WiFi in the BIOU that I know of so I reset the BIOS to default settings!

WAM!!!! Booted up my laptop and it fixed the Airplane Mode!

It only took me 17 hours…

Windows 10

My Dell inspiron 7737 is now stuck in airplane mode after windows 10 anniversary update install.

Went to the Dell website and downloaded five drivers as shown in picture.