Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Citrix Cloud Virtual Desktops

  1. We will build your Computer Network onsite or on the cloud using services like Microsoft Azure. We will provide a complete free estimate of all the computer hardware you will need to start administrating your network before any contract is signed.
  2. Fox Computer Solutions Inc.. will invest our time up-front and build you a customized computer network from scratch; with no labor cost to you no matter how big or small your network is, or how long it takes to build. A typical network includes: file servers, workstations (computers), routers, switches, printers, plotters, laptop computers, tablets, ipads and wireless networks.
  3. We will build all your computers and provide all network hardware to you at wholesale cost. No up-charge, on any materials. The invoices are sent directly to you from each wholesaler. We expect the expenses to be half the cost of any pre-built computer on the market today.
  4. We are physically or virtually onsite every morning checking and rechecking your entire network before you get to work.
  5. We provide customize Daily Reports showing pending and / or new events to you everyday.
  6. We have unlimited physical onsite service to your location, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We also have unlimited phone support.
  7. We guarantee your computer network will not fail, shut down or loose connection during working hours.
  8. We make our money from keeping your entire network operating smoothly; therefore, if it goes down we lose money and you don’t.
  9. We backup all your data onsite as well as offsite like Veeam Backup and Recovery Services and guarantee we can restore any of your data on the fly 24 hours a day – 7 days a week .
  10. We charge your company a low monthly feeĀ and have you sign a one-year contract. If you sign up for an additional year, we will lower your monthly fee by an additional 10% for every year added to your contract up to three years. You may void your contract at any time if any of these above guarantees do not meet to your satisfaction.

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